We feel so fortunate to have Brad as our son’s golf coach and life mentor for the past several years! Brad cares deeply about each and every of his students and spends so much time with them on a weekly basis, something very rare to see in a transaction-oriented golf instruction business. Having played at the highest professional level, Brad carries a lot of credibility with the kids. My son treats him not only as a golf teacher but also a confidante to discuss aspirations and challenges in life. During the unique COVID restricted college recruiting season, Brad played an integral, irreplaceable role guiding him to achieve his dream to play competitive D1 golf.

Words are not enough to convey our gratitude towards Brad. If you are looking for a golf instructor for your kids in the Bay Area, look no further. You have the best one in Brad.

— parent of Division 1, Ivy League commit

Brad has been instrumental in my life these past three years, both on and off the golf course. Being a highly skilled player himself, he is able to both see and explain things in ways that not many coaches are. He knows what it takes to play good golf, and embodies the ‘practice what you preach’ mantra. Off the course, he was tremendously helpful in the recruiting and college admissions process and continues to serve as a mentor but also a close friend.

— player at a D3 “Little Ivy” school