Parent Consulting Calls

As a parent, you want the absolute best for your kid. But even parents with a high level of golf knowledge can struggle to navigate the junior golf landscape.

Having gone through the process of junior, college, and professional golf myself – and having helped dozens of families navigate this process over the last several years, I recognize the value of understanding how to best help your junior.

As a coach, my goal isn’t just to help players – it’s to help parents as well. If you have questions about anything to related to junior golf (at any age!) we can schedule a private consulting call.

Some of the questions that I can tackle are: Where to begin? How do I understand the different junior golf organizations and tournament scheduling? How should my junior be practicing? How should I set expectations for my child’s performance? I heard something from a fellow parent – is it true or false?

Overall, what is my role as a parent? How can I best support my junior?

Whether you golf in your spare time or are new to the game yourself, I can help create an edge for your junior golfer. Text or email me to set up our call.