All students will have the chance to use and train on TrackMan. TrackMan is the number one launch monitor worldwide, trusted by over 70% of PGA Tour players. TrackMan takes radar readings from both the ball and the golf club – delivering specific feedback on what the ball did, but also what the club did to cause to the ball to behave how it did. Basic data points include: club speed, ball speed, launch angle, carry distance, club path and face angle. As an instructor it is very helpful to have all of the 40+ data points TrackMan delivers, but then these data points can be narrowed down to a few of the most important ones that will most efficiently help the student make progress.

Being able to train with such accurate and specific feedback is crucial to rapid improvement. Students are quickly able to gain a better understanding of their swing tendencies and issues. Various training games can be set up tailored to work on each player’s weaknesses. The best players and instructors in the world trust TrackMan technology to take their games and instruction to the next level.

TrackMan can be used for putting as well. On the green it delivers similar data to the full swing, but with some key additions for putting regarding the timing and tempo of the stroke. It has helped players make big leaps in their ability to control their speed on the greens as well as gaining a better understanding for why things are happening.