Elite Junior Academy


The goal of the Elite Junior Academy is to develop junior golfers and prepare them for collegiate level golf. This is a holistic approach to improvement where areas such as: mental game, course management, tournament planning, college recruiting and fitness are covered. Having gone thru this process and having had success at the junior, amateur, college and professional levels of golf – Brad is able to share his knowledge of the process to help junior golfers achieve their goals. This program has developed AJGA champions, JTNC Players of the Year, AJGA Scholastic Junior All-Americans and numerous college golfers.

The core of the Elite Junior Academy is a 2.5 hour class where juniors come in groups of 3-4 after school or on Saturday mornings. Over the course of each class typically two areas are covered. These areas include: short game, putting, range time, on-course work, and TrackMan training. During a typical month students are on the course around 1-2 times. Competitions between students and contests on TrackMan help take the skills learned and transfer them onto the golf course.

Development from a junior golfer into a collegiate golfer takes countless hours of hard work on both the student’s and teacher’s end. The structure of working with each student on a weekly basis in a small group allows for more hours of instruction and observation, and leads to more rapid improvement for the student. Seeing the student on the golf course is of great value and where course management and strategy can most effectively be taught and learned.

All classes are held at Corica Park in Alameda, CA. In addition to the expansive putting green, driving range and short game area, they also have 45 of the best holes the Bay Area has to offer. More information on the facility can be found here.

Programs start at $495 per month depending on the number of classes desired per week.